First week turned into first day and then a long break due to the snowday. We all brought in our little inspirations for “The Things We Carry” project. Draw+Comp I students were told to keep it simple, suggestion of black and white palette, but it had to engage all four edges of the page. Draw+Comp II students were told to expand on that. Color was encouraged, focus on technique, etc. Even with all of that, the project was supposed to be a low anxiety type of project. So I’m trying very hard not to stress over the fact that  I am not particularly amazing with watercolor, even though I’ve chosen it as my medium. I spent almost the whole class period on this shoe.

The only reason it is decent is because I was working from an image. HOW I got it to look like a shoe, I have no idea.

Watercolor and I are frenemies in the sense that I want it to place where I need it and it does not. Somehow, we end up making something halfway decent. Don’t get me wrong, I do intend on doing the whole piece in watercolor still. I just know it will not exactly be as anxiety-free as I had hoped.






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