So tragedy has struck.
My website has gone back to its August state. And I put it that way. Why? Because a plugin wouldn’t do its job and I had to revert back to an old version of the site, aka the last time I backed up my site, aka August 2015.
A lot has happened since then. BUT, this is the one time I’m grateful for how lazy I am because I didn’t lose as much content as I could have.

The bad news:
I have to start over. Posts, categories, menus, tags, pages, galleries, everything.
I lost precious memories and reflections about My trip to Ireland and my projects I worked on. And I will have to reach back and pull those out of the trenches to write about them again.
So bear with me.

The Good News:
I have to start over. New Theme, new menus, new plugins, new page dynamic, new brand.
New possibilities.

Now I’m not gonna lie and say that I’m not pissed at myself, but now I know the power of backing up your site. So know this, I will neglect to save NO MORE. All it takes is one time kids….


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