UBlend-The Classroom App of the Future

The app we’re using for this class is Ublend, which is a little hard to explain through text.


As you can see, It functions mainly as a forum. My professor can post a topic then we as students can comment on the topic they posted. I can also access class material and even have multiple classes at one time connected to my account. It sorta puts Moodle to shame.

On Wednesday, we got to talk to one of the creators of Ublend, Anders Krohn, and he gave us a rundown of the thought process behind the program. What he and his team noticed is that software like Moodle had a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles that removed intuitive userability in terms of interacting in the classroom. A lot of classrooms are now moving to become digital, so this sort of tech is essential.

The feedback we gave Anders¬†when he skyped in was that Ublend is a lot like a facebook timeline. We liked how there is a space for a professor’s files and an easier way for us to talk to one another. I’ve notice that the apps success might come from the fact that it removes the clerical aspect of moodle and make the classroom a lot more social.

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