Travelling and Black

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Okay the title ‘Black’ has a lot of backstory with me. But to cut a long story short, I am mixed, which I am very proud of. A Caribbean/Russian household is integral to the me of today. But I walk through the world as a black person. Cops see me as black, priests see me as black, kids see me as black, etc. This  means that I experience the world of America differently. This also means I experience other worlds differently than oh I don’t know every other travel blogger ever. Like FunForLouie, Kirsten Sarah, ExpertVagabond, Exploring With Josh, Jason Paul, etc etc. You’ll notice that most of those listed are male and all of those listed are white, which says something. I’m traveling to China in early 2017 and do you know how many vloggers I found when I Youtube searched ‘Black Girl in China’? 3. and only 2 of them vlogged every day. The other results were titled some variation of ‘Black Girl Speaks Chinese’. As a black girl who studies Chinese, and has high anxiety about planes and of course being in a completely different friggin timezone for 5 months, this did not make me feel good. In fact I felt a little shorted.
Luckily, where there’s a will the internet sometimes has some weird off brand version of a way. While i’ve had to do extensive research to find black female bloggers, I have found a few. One example:

But that’s So I’ve decided to fill my own niche and start a travel something. I hope to keep it as video, but WILL make it blogs and podcast, and we all already know that it is a requirement to write posts about it.

That was a very long version of ‘I’m gonna start reports on traveling as a black chick’. You’re welcome.

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