This one flower painting

I have no idea who did this painting, I have no idea who it came from, and i love it.

Its possibly the best thing I ever found in the back storage of my house. Including that one time I found out my mom had been nursing a goose(full grown) back to health and didn’t want to tell me about it until it was a little better. Anyway, I think this painting was my sister’s. She couldn’t have made it herself because she “can’t paint to save her life or hair” but I think she got it from one of her friends. Of course she doesn’t remember either. She remembers its existence but not its origin. The frame/box thing it is mounted in is glued shut and I’m too much of a wimp to try and pry it open, lest I mess up the frame or damage the piece.

So I am showing off some person’s work because hopefully in the karma(<–VERY real) induced cosmos this adds a little light to the creator’s day. Or something.

I’ve been trying to think about how the artist created it. Is it ink on paper? Is it Gouache? Is it digitally made then mass produced? How in the hell can I make stuff like this? Will someone else find one of my works in the back storage of their house and love it? Why do I feel like that in order to feel good about my art, someone has to love it? These questions and more being asked Monday-Saturday, from 10:30am till midnight.(Sunday is a no-work day down here in the south, as you might guess. If Chick-Fil-A isn’t working, then neither am I.)

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