This Chair.



So I tried to get a picture of both the chair I am drawing at the angle I am drawing it and the actual drawing I am doing. Its good that I’m doing this hours after class, because now its as if I’m seeing it fresh; as if someone else has done it and I’ve just been going through their own motions. (side note: this is an actual problem for me. This is why I hate deadlines.)

So, My chair does need improvement. Three things I need to work on:

1. Proportion of the top half of the back of the chair. It feels off, as if I made it too long or not wide enough. I need to take ‘measurements’ again.

2. Angle of the bottom ‘plum line’ from the front two legs to the back(bracing the actual back support) legs. I think I subconsciously just made that angle a flat 180 rather than actually checking to see if it is slanted or not.

3.The two inner supports. Why do they feel far apart? ARE they far apart? Again, more measurements.

Overall I’m happy with my quick understanding of perspective for this ‘project’. I haven’t done anything other than two point or two point in a while and its good to go back over(at least for me) this. I never really felt like I could get it. One angle always was off on a still life or the curve of the glass cup made it look like it was in the foreground rather than background. The string technique is really breaking it down and making sense in my head. We’ll see if I can make some progress on that Wednesday.

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