The Road So Far

Starting this course was very fun. We got to play around with different types of materials and generally have a fun day. Doing this, I found out I love gouache and gave me some pretty cool textures.
20150209_095158The hardest part about this was just figuring out what shapes to use and if I was actually experimenting or just repeating what I already have done before.

BUT THEN. I found out that conveying ribbon’s texture, especially up close, is REALLY hard. So hard that I never wanted to do it again.



On the other hand, I love creating the shape and texture of pine cones. Maybe its because it is a repeated shape, but even though it was hard I actually had fun with it.

But that was literal child’s play compared to this thing:


So I said to myself ‘Oh cool an abstract still life is pretty easy. I’m gonna do like 5 objects.’ I forgot I’m horrible at time management. And on top of that, I forgot about ¬†different techniques. I will say I like the work I did on the candle holder/teacup. But the other objects I would definitely change. And lets not forget the age old problem I always have of picking too many objects. Just to give you an idea, this was the original set up for the piece above.


Yeah, that was not gonna get done int he amount of time we had because, like I said, I’m horrible with time management.

We jumped from that right into our next project. Below is the work I have so far.


So going into this I already had two pieces under my belt. Granted they we’re supposedly easy warm ups, I felt accomplished enough to put in a few more objects this time around. But allow me to tell you how many times I have used color blocking in this piece. I had to re-proportion about 5 times and that was with the string technique. The box-thing in the middle is really my Achilles heel because I have never been good with working with wood. Not to mention I had to choose a cloth background and went with purple because I said to myself ‘Nahh everyone chooses black, lets live on the edge.’ WELL, living in the edge means working on the edge, past Ana.

In short, this semester taught me a lot of things I already knew: I have to work on my time management and what that means about the amount of objects/how much I wish to represent in an piece, abstract art is super duper fun, and Its okay to paint over.

But, of course I did learn new things: I love gouache, Acrylic is not that scary once you start using it(and Gel medium is magiiiic), and sometimes you may want to not do the work and just stop there and that’s normal.

I’m pretty happy with this class because even though I’m finding it hard to do the work, Its just a matter of actual work ethic and that is something I could always work on. And I’m happy with the exposure to new mediums. Especially gel medium. Why havent I been using it before??!?

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