The End. A Film by Anastasia

So Final Cut Pro is an application I had a little experience with before this workshop. The first time I worked with it was in Calvin’s previous workshop he did close to the beginning of the year. So this time was a much needed refresher in techniques and tools. Since we have already introduced the final project, I went in knowing that I wanted to focus on sound. Naturally, this meant that the ‘Video Quiz’ we did in class was an opportunity to experiment with presets inside Final Cut. I didn’t realize how many there were! In combination with After Effects(which I will be using with my Final) I have the arsenal to make an actual independent film.

Foe this little quiz, I tried to tell story with sound. I didn’t just want to add in random effects, but suggest a kind of narrative. Because who doesn’t love a good story?So, I present to you: The End by Anastasia Owen.


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  1. Thank goodness for the happy ending. I was very worried for a minute, especially when the light flashed. Like something really bad was going to happen, and the monster would be unleashed.


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