The Chair But Not

Here we are again with the chair. That might have been my very first art post on any sort of blog, that chair. I hated it a little, only because it was hard and messy. This time it felt more like a minor annoyance to quadruple check my lines.

Recap: The Chair warm-up(not really a project I would think) is more about forcing you to draw what you see and not what you know[Aka one of the most valuable things I have ever learned in an art class here] by using string/some sort of straight edge to measure your angles and lines. You make up your own units periodically through drawing an should end up with an exact scale drawing on your paper. Let me reword that. Exact and very very messy. And beautiful.
The 144 class was to draw a chair again, while the 244(aka my class) were to make their own sort of minimal still life. So we found this glass jug that already had iridescent cloth inside and put some barley stalks in it as well.

           20160907_145304   20160912_144740   20160912_153149

The ease of this time was great. I also had to sit on a horse again which wasn’t the best, but I got a pillow and made it work. At the end, meaning next class, we should be making our steps into a gif. And I LOVE gifs of art progress. Plus, I’ll be able to use a computer in class for the first time in a very very very long time.


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