The Box is Done

The Final Product

Wow so this thing took forever. But that’s ok, because good things take forever right? I’m not gonna lie I am pretty happy with it. The hair idea looks so good in the final product. I also maybe kinda sorta hung up the hair gradient above my bed because I need the ego boost every once in a while. I only wish I paid more attention to detail when drawing the original box. In our class critique, we did bring up the fact that the box that was made from sweaters (number 6 I believe) was a perfect example of that. She drew in the soft curve of the crease of the top flaps rather than a sharp edge like what I did. I guess in a perfect world, my box would be easier to define as a three-dimensional object, like the sweater-box. So far, I’m surprised at how much I STILL can’t get used to drawing what I see and not what I know. Maybe I should do this again except with a char, or some other object I have lying around the dorm. I really want to see how I could do it with color.

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