Doing Art With No-one Watching Is Hard

I’m in a block, and I hate it. I don’t have time for this. I have laundry to do, a JOB to go to. I have like responsibilities. So when I do get time over the weekend or in the evening to sit and do art, I expect something to come form  my brain and onto the page(or canvas, or plank of wood, or fabric). I think that part of the problem is that I always wanna do something that can be completed in about 15 mins tops. Any longer and I don’t waaaaannnnnaaaaa. Cuz then I have to find the perfect podcast for background noise. Because, Fun Fact™:if I listen to music I remotely link or know the words to, I wont do anything productive. OR, I don’t have time because that todo list in the corner of my eye now has a knife.

So I miss school for this. Someone there to not only make sure you’re using the proper technique, but to make sure you have a space to do the art. Now, I gotta MAKE myself do the thing. But then is it even worth it? Because aren’t I supposed to do it in the first place because its fun?

I suppose its time to start looking up pinterest crafts and work form there…

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