So we’ve taken down the Showing/Thinking show and are putting up the student show.  As a senior in the show, it’s a bit nerve-racking. Thankfully for my group, we didn’t have to move the bookcase(and I don’t think we ever will) and minimal painting was required.

How I understood the show to be, each senior gets a space with their work and their artist statement is put up next to their work. The actual curation of their work is up to each senior, not the class. The exhibitions class just has to do the technical process of hanging it up. Being both a senior and in the class, I get to do both.

So I dragged all my stuff down from the third floor, laid it out in front of me, and was told “less is more”. I don’t know how to do that. So I asked Anne, the head of the department and Art Professor, to be blunt and tell me what work should go in the show, and what should stay upstairs. Oh, was she blunt. We got down to about 5 works of art that all have the same theme. (See featured image) I technically have another series of 12 10x10in pieces that go along with them, but because those are due for a class after the opening, I know I won’t have them done in time.

All of the other classes will be in the side rooms, while all of the senior artwork will be in the middle room, including behind the rotunda. Seniors who are in other classes will also have their work featured there, albeit not as much. I thought there would be much more discussion on how to flow from one person’s work to another but I think that went out of the window as the date of hanging approaches. So I get the first room by the door, which is surprising to me since my work is so loud, and I’m excited to start hanging. I also, thankfully, hear there will be ice cream.

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