Still Life


And here we have the first chair I drew. Due the second(although first for me) day.


and this is the second ‘attempt’ at a chair. Done in class with some sort of guidance. As you can see, much more proportioned and angled correctly. Although my first is not terrible, I can definitely see the changes. I tried so hard to keep the first drawing clean and without smudges, which probably hindered me. Just like our professor said, it looks much more like an artwork when you can see the process.

20140917_131140 20140917_134411

and now we come to today. Today was probably the hardest blind contour I’ve ever done. The only time I have ever done it was during senior year. We spent 2 days drawing a still life in 30 second increments trying to get as much as we can on paper. Back then it was easy because ‘nothing was wrong’ and you could still make out the skull vs the blanket. I think it is because it is hard to draw exactly what I see. In 30 seconds it a lot easier to just jot your mind down. But the problem with that is you are drawing more of what you know. And yes, that is still my biggest problem with all three of these. Drawing what I see vs what I know. And to think, I used to love drawing hands.

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