Senior Year+ A Check In

That beauty you just saw in the featured Image? She has no idea what she`s doing.

That`s is a bit of an exaggeration in an attempt to be #relatable, but I really do think I need to have more of my life together by now.  I should also really be reflecting and writing on processes. So why not do a run down of my schedule, hmm?

Dramatic Writing 1

This class was kinda taken on a whim. I have had a pretty greta relationship with writing. Nothing profound enough to minor in, but great nonetheless. Surprisingly enough, i love it. It`s a pain in the ass to turn in 7 pages every week of original dialogue that moves a longer story. But, it`s so satisfying to get feedback. I`m funny ya`ll! Catch me writing for CBS or Fox or something.

Photography 1

Surprise, surprise. Anastasia is struggling in Photography. I got my first DSLR in high school. I even do a youtube channel. So it hurts to say that I struggle in this class. The concepts are there, but the execution is weak. Meetings with the professor have led me to believe that my compositions are too flat. (Write this down because this can apply to any art that lives within a frame)

Advanced Studio (aka My Senior Sem)

This is why I don’t want to be my own boss right away. I hate making my own schedule. And that is what most of this class is. If you don’t have the work, especially good work, there’s no one to blame other than yourself. Worse than that, because of this you get disappointed in yourself. That sucks.
Thankfully, I did pretty well in this class. I found a style I enjoy, a few inspirations, a comfortable painting process, and actually created a series of work I want to continue.

Personal Finance

MONEY IS SO WILD. I took this class because I know nothing on managing money. Credit? Bonds? Investment Assets???????? Crazy world.Most important thing I learned? Don’t pay your credit cards off right after you pay for something. Because when you apply for loans, banks want to know that you are reliable in paying it off. Meaning, you know how to handle long term staggered payments. So if they see you just ball out and pay it off JUST to build credit, they are less likely to let you get that loan.


That’s the gist. I hope this semester is good to me. I ended up quitting a job at Yogli Mogli because I also learned my stress limit. Which is about 5 classes worth. I also am learning to trust my adviser’s opinion more, listen rather than reject, and mindfulness. Which is all good and nice.

See you next year! (Don’t hate me for that.)

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