Self Ciritique: Light, Line and Space

So the piece is done and I’m about two spoonfuls of patience away from taking a nap for two days.  This piece is 44 x30inches and done in charcoal, ink, and acrylic on Stonehenge.  The figure is done in charcoal, while the segmented face of the limbs are done in blue ink, while the background and object the figure is sitting upon is done in acrylic.

This project was, to my understanding, meant to be an exploration of how to use light, line, and space in a composition to the extreme. Being a Drawing and Composition II student, I knew I would be able to have a little bit more liberty in subject matter and use of color. But I also knew that using black and white or a monochromatic palette would serve me better.  In working on this, I used a reference image of myself. This being because 1, I prefer to work with a printed image, and 2, this would technically be a continuation of my senior work or sliced self portraits.

Originally, the “finished” image did not have a colored background or object. But I knew it was not done based on the fact that the leg to the left was very dark and felt weight down. I also was rusty on using charcoal and felt the edges were not crisp enough to be considered apart of my senior thesis. Most of that work deals with acrylic pops of color and very crisp lines. I felt it had more work to be done on it and added the colored background and object. I also pushed for a pop of color in the severed limbs to accent the work.

Overall, I do think the work is finished and was a good experimentation of the work I have been doing for the semester, but I don’t think it to be entirely successful. In the future, I think it would serve me better to choose colors that are more complimentary and plan ahead for the use of color, if I am using it.

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