Ok so I’ve done self-portraits before. So I heard we were doing these self portraits and I was like “Ok cool yes I can handle this no big.” BUT THEN

We have to prep the paper and then there’s an eraser and then there’s the fact that we have to start with the nose and use it as a template for our gradient and we can’t jump around like what I am not qualified for this what

Even though this is completely out of my comfort zone, I’m glad we’re doing it. Because I can do noses and mouths for days. DAYS. But drawing a face¬†with no sketching is a skill I’ve always wanted to learn to learn. I think its extremely useful because it breaks down images into just different levels of dark and light. Its a good spacial-thinking exercise. Except this exercise lasts for days. I think I have problems with being able to define the darkest darks without over-thinking it. I’m so used to applying the dark to he paper, my brain is like ‘Ok, just add more dark.’ But no, the dark is already there, you need to add more light. This forces me to see it as where is my darkest spot and how do I pull it out to the lightest spot as opposed to the opposite which is what I’m used to. But I’m glad to be doing a new technique. And all of them in class look so good I cannot wait to see them all displayed.

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