Post 1- New Semester and a picture

DracheDragon, Appreciation, Big

Ok for anyone who stalks me, they know what this image is. Its the second time in my life that I’ve been to the High Museum in Atlanta and it was the first time that I actually cared about the art and sculptures and objects on display in any sort of art capacity besides ‘ooh its pretty’. And It wasn’t till a month and a half ago that I was so happy little Senior year Ana took this picture.

The art I’m standing in front of is a HUGE piece entitled ‘Dragon’ and its so in your face and loud yet mute at the same time.(Color theory, tada!) I want it in my home. I want this photo of me infront of it in my home. I was there, I got to see it, and the heavy acrylic that formed these waves. I can almost feel the strain of painstakingly painting these thin white lines. And its not even like it was panted over the waves, but the lines are etched into the thick layers so it actually touched the canvas. There’s a whole slew of method that you visually see and practically taste with this.

But, I had to pick three words to describe this picture, not the painting. My three words are Dragon, Appreciation, and Big.

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