Mxd Chk in China:Confidence Boost/Xeneophobia

So, it is becoming more and more of a reality that I will be wrought with unwanted hands in my hair and random stares by certain people in the streets of Shanghai. But I’ve recently realize how xenophobic I have been about such a reality. I always put the idea of people touching me and wanting pics in the ‘Worse than Con’ list and basically assumed it would be a daily evil. I forgot that the Chinese are, oh I don’t know, actual human beings, and that they get people from out the country allllllll the time. Especially in Shanghai. So while yes, I will get asked by people for photos, I won’t get asked every 5 seconds all day every day while going to class. Shanghai is a very international city, with many different kinds of people.

While I won’t actually be in Shanghai, it is only a stone’s throw from Kunshan. And on top of that, Kunshan is the equivalent to decatur in size. The College will probably be a major point of revenue for the city and the surrounding shops and public spaces will probably reflect that. Aka, this won’t be as much as a earth shattering, hypertensive inducing culture shock as I’m expecting.



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