Missing Whitespace/Ending Showing/thinking

Unfortunately, I have bronchitis. Everything was going great until I fainted on Sunday and thus has been touch and go for the week. Long story short, I couldn’t go on the field trip to Whitespace. Luckily, I’ve been there before.

Whitespace, as I remember it, is owned by one woman, Susan Bridges. She basically is who I want to be someday. She has a house in Atlanta with a large backyard that she kind of looked at and said “I wanna have a gallery here!”. As she said, it was done. Now this gallery is available for things to be bought from, and it’s very tiny, so pieces are expensive and turnaround is relatively fast in the grand scheme. The actual gallery is separated from the house by a little courtyard, but there is Whitespec in the house’s basement. Accessible from the courtyard, it is a little space that she allows grad students to apply to in order to show off their work. only one or two pieces can be displayed at a time, but it’s always very specific and available for purchase/promotion. I wish I could have seen the art on display now.

Outside of that, we are beginning to uninstall the showing/thinking show. I’m dreading it a little bit mainly because I JUST figured out how to make the dvds permanently loop. Of course, that is kind of useless when they get turned off every night. I pray I don’t lose a single book or DVD from the bookcase. Otherwise the library might not let me graduate. 🙁

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