I Made a Skirt and I Hate It

This skirt I made was supposed to look like this:

Copyright Fancy.com
Copyright Fancy.com

Pretty cute right? Mainly I knew it would have to be pleated in some way, with a double slit. SO. CUTE. But I used the wrong fabric, got lazy, and ended up making what was basically a graduation robe turned skirt. So my entire lower half was puffed and stupid and annoying.

This is a long work in progress I can tell. The question is how long until I get tired of it? I need to find fabric that acts the way a maxi skirt would and ideally, its chiffon(for obvious reasons). It needs to have weight, but be flowy enough so when I walked, i could slay my enemies. Its also imperative to the design to have the slit be high, but the overlap of the front panel and the rest of the fabric be at least 3 inches in width so I don’t go around flashing everyone. Even the amount of thigh shown in the above example is a bit much.

*sigh* I hope I can get it done by the end of the month at least…

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