Welcome to Hip Hop Book Club

The Roots:

Hip Hop Book Club has nothing to do with novels and everything to do with musical discussion. Each month intending to liven up our Spotify playlists and participate in the bigger conversation. Anyone and everyone can join, although only two will win for the title of best track and album. 

“But what even is Hip Hop? Like, What is okay to submit?”

The good think about Hip Hop is that it has never been just one thing. Sure it originated back in the day with rapping over a beat about the freshest kicks, and that is certainly welcome here. But this is also about recognizing what Hip Hop has become. It isn’t just Grandmaster Flash, Kendrick Lamar, and Tierra Whack. Its also smooth grinding, slow building, classical music playing, ass shaking, angry crying, truths about your world, their world or a world we don’t even know. Rules for submission are lax, and we listen to the newwave, the OG hits, the indie vibes and the underground all alike. In short, does it have a beat? Does it make you feel something? like BIG emotion? It might just be Hip Hop. See list of prev months submissions/winners here and here.

You want in? Keep on reading.

Ja Rules:

Every month, anyone and everyone can submit a track and album (preferably from different artists) for that month’s discussion and judging. All playlists will be held on Spotify, although willing to send the playlists to those using other platforms. The MC,(currently Anastasia aka Me) conducts the submissions and playlist creations. 

  1. Submit as many times as you want. The MC will take the latest submission
  2. If you can’t think of a track/album, the MC will randomly choose from Billboard Top 100 (avoiding duplications for obv reasons)
  3. If you win, you get a small prize (sorry, no money)
  4. After due date, this submission form changes to the voting form for the month.
  5. No repeat submissions for 3 months. (i.e if you submitted It’s Tricky – Run-D.M.C in April, can’t submit it again till August) 

Got Questions still? Email me anaedowen@gmail.com