Anyone Up for a Full Page Letterform??

screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-3-21-09-pmThis assignment was drastically different from the previous. Whole page type assignment has many more moving parts than the last. We were to choose a design word and definition word. My Definition word was thunderstruck and my design word ended up being shook. I say ended up because it was really hard to choose one of those things. This assignment was to, in my own words, create art on a paper-size composition using only letterform. It. was. hard.

So thinking of thunderstruck/shook, I decided to model my composition after a lightning strike hitting the ground, making a negative image. So I took the word shook and repeated it at a slant, to give the feel of instability, and wrote a weird limerik/poem about seeing someone you love for the first time. Aka being love-struck. (d’awww). So at each break, the sentence could be continued, like a fork in the road. Each break leads to a different kind of sentence, much like lightning tracks on the ground or struck concrete. Surprisingly enough, this was the easiest part of the project. The hardest part was deciding what to do with the mirrored ‘Shook’s in the center of the image. I decided to line them up with the angle to emphasize it and hopefully make that edge look more clean. I realize now that I probably should have make the bottom, lighter, ‘shook’ wider closer to the base of the image in order to force perspective; I probably could have done something similar to the broken poem as well.

Honestly, I don’t think I executed it that well, but I know what I could do to make it better. And I feel a ton more comfortable with Adobe Illustrator. I might fight this paint tool though.



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