20141119_164904This is the finished product of our Word project. My words were Flawed(left) and Exquisite(right). To make things easier for all of us, I’m going to talk about the process for each word individually.

In making the black and white representation of flawed, I wanted to emphasize that the word doesn’t necessarily mean a complete and obvious catastrophe, but a subtle problem. In the brainstorming part of this project, I kept coming back to words like cut, scratch or dent. So I had the idea of taking a stable and otherwise ‘attractive’ shape and causing dents or blemishes on it. I chose VCR/magnetic tape because of its delicate and shiny texture and how easy it could be damaged. So the next step(also the fun part) was to damage it using rubber cement, so that if looked at in a certain light, the grimy coating would be invisible.

When I brainstormed for exquisite, I had a hard time. I think this relates to the the fact that we knew this would be a somewhat abstract piece going in and it is much easier to get abstract about ‘negative’ words that ‘positive’. But, anyway, I kept coming up with words that related to tiny, beautifully intricate objects. It kept reminding me of fine china plates or bowls. To translate that visually, I tried to use small delicate forms like sequins in my small swatches along with circular shapes. Later on I used ribbon instead of sequins because using small sequins would not work on such a large scale. I liked the idea of using ink because ink always seemed exquisite to me. I think it has to do with the fluid motion it immediately gives when making brushstrokes.

For both words, taking the pictures was the most fun. I especially loved assembling ‘Exquisite’. I stood on the second floor of our Science Building, and arranged five shiny tables and a plant for the center, a small trashcan with a tshirt wrapped around it, and had my friend sit cross legged on an ottoman to take this picture. I liked it more because of everyone’s reaction during the critique. ‘Flawed’ was pretty straightforward I kept a lookout for something blanketed yet had small holes or dents in it and I came across a tree behind the chapel. The fall leaves seemingly covered the entire grass until you came close to it and saw the green and brown leaves poking through.

I liked the idea of making people having to get close to my piece in order for it to give a full effect because that is what flawed and exquisite means to me. Exquisite meaning intricate and tiny while flawed meaning subtlety damaged. Both insinuate a sort of inspection being applied. The only bad thing I have to say about this project is that I could tell that we were short on class-time for it. But other than that, It was a really fun way to introduce the idea of thinking in abstract forms.

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