Final project: A Zoetrope (kinda)

For our final project, I have chosen to do the video option. in this form, we are supposed to show a change or transition from one thing to another. These are very Nell-like instructions. very loose and up to ones interpretation. It allows for maximum creative potential.

Funnily enough, I was very excited for this project. it reminded me of midle school when I took every opportunity to film a video for a project. (On the logic it was easier). also, I live for bwing creative within limits. most of my best work is produced that way. So I sat at the computer and tried as hard as I could to think of something. But my brain kept making lemonade to mush. And its not the instructions fault, I know you might be thinking the instructions are too vague. nonono. I was just thinking too hard. I was focusing on trying to make it all ‘mean something’. See, nell emphasized that the sound just can’t be pretty background noise. Unless your visual is pretty background noise oriented. The sound also plays a part in the visual, everything ties together and lends itself into itself.

So I’m there, brain mushing, and going through 3 iterations of the same idea. First I had to Google what it was, it being a Zoetrope. The long-short of it is that a Zoetrope is that thing back in the 30s that was pre-film. it was a xp trap tin where the viewer looked through slots in a spinning circle and flashing images would meld together to make a “moving picture”. so thought I would do something where the camera is moving clockwise and the imagery is a jittery conga line of clones of me walking counter-clockwise. Then this changed from the conga line to clones of me doing mundane tasks. Then I wanted audio, but what audio? and for how long? What is it gonna mean?

Then of course came the meeting with Nell. Which went something like this:

Me:*vomiting thoughts*

Nell:”omygod do it”

So the final idea is keeping the iteration of clones of me doing tasks, throughout a daily cycle. But also adding in audio of my family members individually as well as in a group, talking. I may add a specific remix track to add to the noise. Point is, now I have a plan. And I have my camera charged and ready to get some shots during thanksgiving.

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