Busy and De-Installing

Next week we take down the student show and I’m a little nervous with our team. I’m hoping that we get enough done before the install to be okay for our meeting with Dr.Tolliver on Thursday.

Essentially the plan is to bring with us a sort of floor plan with what we hope to display and where. I may have mentioned that were leaning heavily on a theatrical theme. We do get the big room after all. But its been a little confusing about what we actually have to display. We only have one hour with our professor and we certainly don’t want to waste time. The show goes up in late March but the pressure is still on to complete it all in time.

Besides anxiety about this meeting, the de-install of the student show should be easy peasy. I’m a little sad about the TVs we spent so much time installing. They didn’t even get used! Some kind of technical difficulty. (There needs to be a bigger budget to renovate Dana, honestly.) We haven’t yet gone over who is going to be doing what, but thats more of a time consumption than a brain consumption.

In short, this week our team needs to meet and roles amongst the class needs to be more explicitly defined. Hopefully everything runs smoothly.

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