Blind Contour:Self-Portrait

More blind contours!

This time we went all digital. Each of us took a wacom tablet(insert jumping for joy), opened the webcam, and did some digital blind contours. Each contour was to be on a separate layer. Then, just like the hand contour, we were to change it in some way.

Me! Doing the thing!
Me! Doing the thing!

Ignore the amount of photos I’ve taken in the photobooth. The next step is to put the changes/creation f this into a gif form. I’m thinking of doing something color. And, surprise surprise, silhouettes. This has been the most interesting blind contour work I’ve done, no question. And the most comfortable work I’ve done. Even so, I think its going to be hard to narrow down exactly what I want to do an be happy with it at the same time. I’ve started to look at Glenn Ligon’s work again, and I really like his Self-Portrait (VI), so maybe I’ll do something like that.

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  1. This post features an image that says it all–great picture, it includes all the things, you, the program, the result. I really get a sense of the project just through the image. The text then augments, tells me more, and the expansion into Ligon’s work is a wonderful offshoot. It gets me curious, to me that is the mark of a successful post (or artwork, or writing, or conversation, or…)


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