Blind Contour

‘The claaaaaawwww….’

Aha! I knew I wouldn’t be able to escape it. I knew that while I had these nails on, I would have to draw my hand. And here it is. My true form. Dragon lady.

Also, this blind contour is actually decent looking…

This time around our blind contours don’t just stop at being a thing on a piece of paper. We are to take it a step further and transform this work somehow. Of course, I’m going Kara Walker style on it; Doing something with silhouettes is always an option in whatever I do. Plus, its large enough to be proportional to my actual hand, which is new

But that wasn’t the only thing that was new. This whole class period was new. We went into a classroom and Nell pumped some sweet jams as we did these blind contours, and we did enough to fill 2 pages. Well, really a page and a half, but still.

Its always good to go back to the basics every once in a while. Next up: Anastasia somehow transforms this contour into something worth hanging on her wall.

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