Bethany Collins is on Campus

Bethany Collins is an artist I have great respect for. I heard her speak at the Dalton Gallery not too long ago and she was my first networking opportunity I’ve ever had. Her work is an huge identifier in me and I find myself connected with it. So imagine my surprise when I find out that Agnes has one of her works as part of the Senior Select program. It was put up in the student center in 2013. You can see an article a student wrote on it here.

The work is titled Beige and it is apart of her Dictionary series. It appears to be a definition entry in a dictionary with all of the text erased/rubbed out except for the phrase ‘grayish-tan’ and the classification of it. This is powerful to me because being mixed/light-skinned I was often called ‘grey’ or ‘beige’. This re-defining of the term is very political and structured. It makes the idea of ‘black’ and ‘white’ not the complexities of skin tones but as simple colors on a limited spectrum. One is either white, black, or greyish-tan.


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