(Audio) Old Job soon to be New Job

I accepted a position at Agnes as the Instructional Support Fellow this year, starting in July.  Its a job that is very similar to the one I do now, at the D-Center, but not quite the same. My office will be across from the center. I will still work with faculty and students. But more brainstorming, IT support and less Tutoring and Course busywork. I will have no official attachment to the D-Center, or to being a student. But I’ll be seeing mostly the same people, same buildings, every day, 8:30am-4:30pm. I’m happy, genuinely. But still processing the whole change.

So here’s me talking to myself for 5 minutes about that, my lack of “China” dissection, regrets, graduation in two weeks, and etc. Only five minutes. Because who is going to listen for more than five minutes to anything?

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