Arranging Objects: ‘The Hunt’

20150218_171005I’ll be honest. I think I did too much for this piece. And the part that killed me the most was that brown glass bottle. Granted, I did do well on the nozzle, but I realized halfway through that 1) I should not have done this many objects.(there were about 3 that I decided did not make the cut) 2)I hate hate hate painting glass 3) I was drawing what I know and not what I see. I DID draw what I saw for the nozzle, then I got cocky and impatient and just threw up different values into the rest of the shape and now I am disappointed.

The original idea for it was that the jaw was to be very defined then as you move form object to object you become more abstract and fluid(in terms of value at least). I wanted to give the viewer a feeling of ‘what you say is real but what you think is always up for change’. In theory.  I also thought it reminded me of what you might find on a hunter’s desk in their cabin. A sort of narrative on the neatness/center that most people don’t think of when they think ‘lumberjack-hunting-deer-killing-dude’. Which I think worked and have thus titled it ‘The Hunt’. Of course, its all very pretentious and everything works in theory.

Even with all that didn’t work, I’m glad/proud of me for having it done in time. It is a mix of gouache, ink pen and acrylic paint on mixed media paper. It’s not my best but I’ll still hang it up in my room.

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