Before the Summer started, I was given a task by someone I would consider a mentor. If I had my old site, I could link that post where I talk about that whole conversation in detail. (See: What’s Missing) To sum it up, I asked Nell to hold a meeting with me. Nell is also my academic/major advisor so we regularly have meetings about my scheduled classes and major requirements. Occasionally those meetings turn into ‘What do you want to get out of Agnes? Focus on that.’
So I asked Nell to meet me, but not about classes. Instead we ended up having a lunch meeting about what I was doing creatively. If there is one thing I can count on Nell for, it is her working mind and appreciation for creation. So I ask here, essentially, “What should I be doing over the summer?”Because I’m not immune to picking up a paint brush and putting it down because I don’t feel like it. And I hate that, its not cute. She told what I honestly should have expected, “Only do what you want to do.”

Well, ok, she didn’t just say that. She also told me to look up artists, go to the museums, write down ideas, work on my website. Basically dance around doing art until you finally shove yourself into it. This sounded easy so I did it.
Honestly? It’s been great. I’ve found out quite a few things by doing basically nothing.

Photography is slowly but surely coming along, and I find more joy in doodles and sketches than big projects. I’m also allowing myself to stew in big ideas rather than write them off for being too big.Art 21 by PBS has been great for me to see different artists, and I freaking love installation art. I mean there is something about having the viewer actually interact with the work rather than just look at it that is intriguing. For example the installation by Ann Hamilton called ‘The Event of a Thread’ and I’m obsessed. They did a great little excerpt of it here. I have also found joy in simple things like rearranging furniture, taking a photo of my dog jodi in the backyard, cooking on a single stovetop, game of thrones and just the monotony of work and home and weekends and just doing stuff.

I fear that what I think is happening is happening which is that I am becoming boring. But if that is happening, being “boring” is great. Cuz my boring means a lot more than having other people find you un-fun, its like you settle into yourself. Like a boring+. Like Boring™. And thats turning out to be fine so far.

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