Adventures in Bullet Journling

My job is great in that I work with people who inspire me to think differently about issues and to better myself. Recently, Melissa told us about Bullet Journalling. She showed us this video that explained what it was in a very monotone and confusing way. And after 3 days of repeating herself, we eventually got the gist. A Bullet Journal is a way to organize yoru life. It is exactly what it sounds like, its journaling, but instead of long entires or missing information, you log every page or collection of info in an index. Everything else is more structured, but there is tons of wiggle room. The point is to make it work for you. Keep this in mind, cuz we’re gonna get cuh-razy.

‘Doodle’ Collection

I thought of it as a sketch-journal. I doodle a lot, and sometimes need to just put whatever’s in my head on a page. 9/10 its never makes sense and might as well have been written on a scrap flyer from my mailbox that will be lost in an hour. But, in journalling, I’m free to doodle and jot ideas and take distressed notes wherever.  just then go back to my index and mark that I did this thing on this page. Its freeing. And as you can see, I do this  lot. I utilize this most when I’m making phone calls.

Ok so this is where It might get a little weird but ?  with me.

A Bullet journal is basically two parts: Future Logs and Collections.

My Daily Logs

Future Logs are todo lists that you write for each day/month/year/week/ hour/ whatever. Usually people have a space for a ‘Daily Log’, a Month Log and a Monthly Log. The idea is that when you thing of something you have to do, you have multiple places you can put it based on when you know you can/need to do it by. So, I may say that I put ‘Apply for that one scholarship’ in the Monthly log under August because I don’t yet know when the due date is/its not urgent. But I might put, ‘Get Dad a Birthday present’ in my Month Log because his birthday is at the beginning of next month, or I might put it in the Daily Log if I know I can do it that day. Now, here’s where it gets Cuh-Razy™. Daily Logs are things you fill out for your current day that you are living, existing and working in. Don’t make spaces for future Daily Logs, because it is a ‘make as you go system’. If you need to put ‘Go to the Doctor’ for the 15th but its only the 10th, you don’t write that in Daily logs. “Well where do I put it then?” In the Month Log. Because that is the full list of each day and day of the week. Now, what if you don’t finish a task for the day? You just move it to the next one. Same with Month/Monthly todos. You can move around todos wherever, but the important thing is that you be realistic. If you know you aren’t going to do a thing, cross it off, move on.

So then we come to collections. These are basically anything you want them to be. Basically they are anything that is not your Future Log. You write/draw/paste something down, log it in your index, and boom. Its a collection. I personally have a TV Show Tacker, a Workout Tracker, many a page that is my Doodle/Working Out Ideas, and a HUGE Todo list that is just where i put down things I need to do that I don’t have a place for yet. Examples of other kinds of Collections include Reading List, Order(and other) Tracker, Saving Money, Planning a Trip and anything else you can think of.

Basically, I highly recommend it. Even if you don’t finish that huge project that s due next month, the journal makes me feel more productive than I ever think I’ll be.

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