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Hello! I am Anastasia E. D. Owen. My website tagline is a hint to my heritage, being 1/2 Guyanese and 1/2 Russian. Currently, I study art at Agnes Scott College. Whilst there, I have been able to expand my interest to a variety of topics, not just involving art. (Although the argument could be made that everything involves art.) I’ve actually been published for my writing a few times.
I’ve studied Chinese for 5 years, and after getting my travel bug, I am going abroad to Shanghai in January 2017 for a semester. Yes, I am freaking out. No, I won’t be sleeping on the plane.Because of this I have started a blog series titled ‘Mxd Chck in China‘. Throughout the years, I have become more politically aware and outspoken about being black. I come from a math/engineering background, so I have had the good fortune of catering my education towards design. Building things with my hands is sorta my thing. Also, I sew and craft a lot. Basically I’m like Martha Stewart and the Mythbusters combined.

Also, I think I’m funny and some people agree, so sometimes I tell stories on a stage for laughs. This also translates to writing, which I’m slowly pursuing.(and will have my publications up as soon as I can catalogue them.)

Always open to criticism and opportunities, take a look around, make an opinion, live a happy life, and eat a lot of cheese. YouknowwhatImean?

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