Blind Contour: Transforming the Hand

Artistic explosion, am I right? I’ve done 2 blind contours and both are to show the process of how we made them/edited them in gifs. For the first one, I broke the rules a little. I actually made a stop-motion video. Thats sort of like a gif right?

I’m actually really proud of the video because I used a rig that I haven’t used since summer. It took maybe 2 hours to film and 3 hours total to edit. Most of those hours were spent trying to figure out HOW I was gonna film or edit. In the end, I used a gorillapod with a cellphone attachment, attached it to an overhead rig, then filmed. I made the mistake of missing a few transitions. (For example, I was supposed to snap, change the orange hand, then snap again.) Also, I lost footage of me actually putting it together. But, alls well that ends well because the finished product is pretty nice.


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