Content Creator

I am a bit of a wordsmith, both online and on paper. I've written for work, play and things inbetween. Most of it has been for tech-related conversations, but I have been known to speak in other spheres.

Web Development

Website-building is my jam and Wordpress is my biscuit. I'm all about how to brand and who to brand it to.

Industrial Design

Sort of like Art and Engineering had a baby. But you can find my more traditional art pieces above.



Some call me an artist, some call me an IT Technician, some call me a teacher, and my mom calls me on weekends.  I've been working in the tech field for all of my education career and more, in multiple ways. More recently, I have been involved in digital literacy/identity education, website development, and general creative digital design. I tend to live in classrooms either to teach to learn that have something to do with exploring what it means to live in the 21st century. After all, I practically grew up with a computer modem in one hand and a paint brush in another.

Here, on this portfolio, you'll find examples of the work I do:This exploration between what I've done and what I see coming. I make posts on my artistic process, as well as hold a picture gallery of work I've done so far. I also show off my experience in technology education with examples of me teaching and working with various tech. Sometimes, every so often, I even spill the beans on a project I'm working on. With a background in Engineering + Math and a foreground in Art, I've been able to flex my brain in a number of different ways. One of these ideas is bound to make me rich one day. Don't you wish you knew me now?