Bit of a strong word, but I use words for writing scripts and writing short stories. You'l find most of my work above.

Web Development

Website-building is my jam and Wordpress is my biscuit. I'm all about how to brand and who to brand it to.

Industrial Design

Sort of like Art and Engineering had a baby. But you can find my more traditional art pieces above.



I am a student at Agnes Scott that has a knack for creation. Some call me an artist, some call me a pain, I call me pretentious, and my mom calls me on weekends. Here you'll find snippets of what I give to the world, up for your consideration and critique. With a background in Engineering + Math and a foreground in Art, I've been able to flex my brain in a number of different ways. One of these projects is bound to make me rich one day. Don't you wish you knew me now?


Virtual Galleries and You: My Final Project

Virtual Galleries and You: My Final Project

Exhibition processes is in a limbo period between two shows:Showing/Thinking and the Senior show. We’re not exactly de-installing and...

(Audio) Old Job soon to be New Job

I accepted a position at Agnes as the Instructional Support Fellow this year, starting in July.  Its a job...

Student Show!

Student Show!

So we’ve taken down the Showing/Thinking show and are putting up the student show.  As a senior in the...

Missing Whitespace/Ending Showing/thinking

Unfortunately, I have bronchitis. Everything was going great until I fainted on Sunday and thus has been touch and...

Watch me in Action

Did I mention I make youtube videos? Its just as funny as you think.