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Anastasia Owen



Under the pseudonym Dexterovna, I am a painter, photographer, sculpter, digital illustrator, and designer. Anything to do with visual literacy, I am most likely involved in. Painting is my most-used method of creating work, but I enjoy digital design as well. A good way to think of the things I do is that I am an Industrial Designer.

Digital Literacy

I am involved in many different projects. Most notably, I work at the Center for Digital and Visual Literacy at Agnes Scott College. I enjoy teaching and creating resources for digital literacy as much as I enjoy editing audio\video\photos using various programs. I am a digital citizen and lobby for the accessibility of digital education for all.

Anastasia Reviews Things

I am a digital citizen, and that is mot-apparent by my use of my professional social media. On it, I run a short video series titled 'Anastasia Reviews Things: Because it's Quarantine, Why Not?' where I review movies and TV shows that people have said I should watch. The videos are short, spoiler-free, and more than slightly funny.

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Header Image: IT’S NOT ME, IT’S YOU by Anastasia, 2017, Acrylic on Pressed Cotton © All Rights Reserved